Flea Control Truganina

For Flea Control In Truganina Hire The Best Team In Town

Fleas are hard to spot and get rid of. Because of their small size, they easily find a place to hide. Therefore, flea extermination requires professional help. And we extend our services of pest control, to flea control as well. Fleas are not that harmful to you but they can attack your pets and create discomfort for them. Therefore getting our flea control Truganina service will be best for you. 

The various reasons in support of hiring us are:

  • Our team is certified and licensed
  • We are available 24 by 7
  • Also, we provide you with flea pest control at affordable prices
  • We provide you with tailor-made flea treatment solutions

Thus you can get in touch with us by calling at 03 4050 7737 and avail of our total care flea control services.

What Are The Symptoms And Characteristics Of Identify Fleas?

The various signs that will help you to identify fleas are:

  • Symptoms Of Flea

The symptoms of flea bites are:

  • Your pet tends to lick or scratch himself more.
  • Fleas hopping inside your house on curtains, furniture, etc
  • Multiple dot-like insects on your pets
  • Also, your pet starts losing their fur from the area they have been bitten by fleas.
  • How Does A Flea Look Like?

Fleas are very tiny to see with naked eyes. We spot them when they are on your pet fur. They are dark reddish-brown in colour. These are about ⅛ inch long and have six long legs that help them to jump places. Also, a female flea lays up to 50 eggs. Thus if you spot 1 or 2 fleas don’t take it lightly.

  • What Are Dog Flea

Dog fleas live on the fur of dogs and feed on their blood. These are known to bite humans as well. And these are 1mm to 4mm long.

  • What Are Cat Flea

Cat fleas live on the fur of cats and feed their blood. They have long legs that make them jump easily. And these are one of the most common flea species in Australia to find. Thus go for flea treatments for kittens right away.

  • What Are Human Flea?

These are also one of the various different species that attack mammals like dogs, rats, pigs, domestic cats, and birds. But these are not so common to find these days as the growth in hygiene standards in households nowadays.

Flea Prevention Tips

If you spot fleas or if your area is known for flea infestation then you can follow the given steps:

  • Always make sure to keep your house clean, use powerful vacuum cleaners to clean every corner of your property.
  • Use flea combs for your pets to get rid of any if present on your pets.
  • Regularly clean all the beddings of your pet and keep their house hygienic.
  • Keep special care for the areas of your property that are dark, shaded, and humid in nature. As these conditions attract flea infestation.
  • In times when the situation is out of control, just call the professionals for their flea treatment for house service
  • Also, avoid overwatering your plants in the yard as this can cause humid conditions for fleas to live.

Our Effective Flea Control Process

Our effective flea control process includes three main steps:

  • A Thorough Inspection

Once you hire our flea control Truganina team we will reach your place first to inspect your property. This is a very important step as according to all the findings from this step, we choose an extermination method. 

  • Exterminating Flea

During this step, firstly our flea exterminator will vacuum clean all your furniture, curtains, mattress, etc to make sure that fleas are out of the way for further steps.

  • The Chemical Treatment

This step includes the use of pesticides and insecticides that our team sprays all over your property to make it flea-free. Also, we use flea bombs, flea fumigation and heat treatment method in situations where we try to kill fleas. These chemical treatments are totally safe for your family and pets.

Contact Us For Same Day Flea Removal Service In Truganina

You can contact us on our toll-free number for our same-day flea control Truganina service. In our same-day service, we serve you within 24 hours. Our flea control Truganina team of locals gets training from professionals, thus this will help you to get rid of fleas as fast as possible.


What is the best way to keep fleas away from my house?

The best way possible to make your home flea-free is to keep your place clean and hygienic. Make sure you give a proper bath to your pets when they enter your home after an outdoor play session.

Can fleas spread disease?

Yes, they are capable to spread skin allergies or reactions, anaemia, tapeworms and other health-related issues in your pets.

Do you provide services on weekends?

Yes, we take flea control appointments for weekends as well.