Process Of Pest Control For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insects that bite humans generally at night. These are small parasitic insects. Their bites result in numerous health problems. You can commonly find bedbugs at the mattresses and carpets. Once you get a bedbug bite you’ll suffer a lot and will require immediate treatment. It’s very important to control the breeding and growth of bedbugs. So, here are some of the effective methods by which you can bedbugs Pest Control in your area.

Vacuuming – It is the easiest and the best home remedy to reduce bed bug infestations. You just need a vacuum cleaner. It does not eliminate bed bugs but sucks them out from hidden places and carpets. It is super easy and does not affect the environment in a bad way. Apart from cleaning bed bugs from the house it also keeps your house clean.

Freezing – Bed bugs cannot tolerate the low temperature. You can kill them by exposing them to lower temperatures. If they can resist it, you can reduce the temperature. This method just requires a large freezer capable of temperature management to higher and lower levels. It is also an eco-friendly method.

Predators – There are some organisms that feed bed bugs such as masked hunter insects, cockroaches, spiders, etc. However, you cannot consider it as a pest control method, but it’s eco-friendly.

Pesticides – Pesticides are chemical agents used to kill pests. The same implies here with bedbugs. Some species of bedbugs can be killed through normal pesticides. But some of the bedbugs are prone to exposure to such pesticides hence, have the resistive capability. So a different kind of pesticide is used to treat bed bugs. DDT is one of that kind. Even some other fuming agents can also be used to kill them easily but it is a dangerous process.

Inorganic compounds – To manage a bedbug infestation you can use some inorganic compounds such as amorphous silica gel. As dusty substances disrupt the waxy outer layer of the bedbug’s exoskeleton and cause dehydration. Also, you use diatomaceous earth to combat bed bug infestations. Both the compounds are more effective than other chemical pesticides and have a faster killing rate. Also, they have high absorption capacity and do not affect humans directly.

Organic compounds – There are a lot of organic compounds which have the ability to kill bed bugs. They are non-toxic and biodegradable compounds that do not affect humans, animals, and the environment. They mainly contain essential oils and leaves of some specific plants which can trap bugs in them or kill them.

Call Professional Bed Bug Controllers

However, bed bugs have a very adaptable body and it’s hard to eliminate them. The best way to get rid of these bed bugs is by asking for professional help. As they have experience and have better technologies. We Pest Control Truganina provide the best and effective services for the elimination of bed bugs properly. We have a trained and experienced staff to deal with these bugs. You just need to call us at 03 4050 7737 and give all your bugs-related problems to us.